Ginger Tea in your Office Pantry from MyT Brewer

  Who does not love a nicely boiled Ginger with Tea leaves, water, and milk?  The homogeneous taste of the tea obtained by boiling milk, ginger, tea, and sugar together is out of this world.  If this spicy and soothing beverage is made and served fresh at work, it definitely rejuvenates and boosts productivity withoutContinue reading “Ginger Tea in your Office Pantry from MyT Brewer”

Tea problem solved by MyT Brewer

We Indians love Chai!  We can drink it anytime, anywhere, without any reason.  But the problem appears when we step outside our homes; our Chai gets compromised by Machines or methods (as described here).  In short, outside homes Tea is prepared by a compromised process so that the crowd can be catered to in aContinue reading “Tea problem solved by MyT Brewer”