Ginger Tea in your Office Pantry from MyT Brewer


Who does not love a nicely boiled Ginger with Tea leaves, water, and milk?  The homogeneous taste of the tea obtained by boiling milk, ginger, tea, and sugar together is out of this world.  If this spicy and soothing beverage is made and served fresh at work, it definitely rejuvenates and boosts productivity without having to walk away from the office in search of a good cup of Chai.

Usually, Indians enjoy it at home daily.  The problem appears when we are outside the homes.  The tea becomes bitter and tastes pretty bad.  Normally the Chai shops around the office prepare their Chai in bulk (~10 liters) and put them in heated vessels shown below:


This gives the same effect as reheating the pre-prepared Chai; the thing here is that Chai is being heated here at every moment.  Doing so, the tea and ginger both become bitter as time goes by.  The longer the Chai stays the bitter it gets.

The machines used in public places are not capable of using fresh ginger but rather use powdered or spray-dried ginger.  Not only are the tea bags far from the real thing, but they also don’t even give the taste of tea & the homogeneous taste we Indians are used to.  The same is true for the Ginger tea made by using spray-dried ginger powder.

That’s where MyT Chai Brewer comes to rescue for both employers and employees.  Since MyT automates the authentic Chai making process by boiling everything together, it makes a great tasting Ginger Tea right in your office pantry by using real grated ginger.

Get in touch if you wish to have a piping hot Ginger Tea anytime in your office pantry. MyT is the world’s first tea machine that automates the Chai making process used in Indian homes.

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