Tea problem solved by MyT Brewer

We Indians love Chai!  We can drink it anytime, anywhere, without any reason.  But the problem appears when we step outside our homes; our Chai gets compromised by Machines or methods (as described here).  In short, outside homes Tea is prepared by a compromised process so that the crowd can be catered to in a quick and hassle-free manner.

The result – A Chai that is far from what we love.

The consequence – we quit drinking our favorite beverage; subconsciously & unknowingly become at-home Chai drinkers resorting to Coffee or water-based Teas outside homes.

In fact one of the articles: Where is our Chai by Mr. Chetan Bhagat outlines the unavailability of a good cup of Chai as a mini-national crisis affecting the millions of Indians daily.

We at MyT have invented truly the world’s first appliance, MyT (patent pending), that makes Indian Tea just the way Indians love it – by boiling fresh milk, water, real spices, and CTC tea leaves together.  It a state-of-the-art brewer that neither uses tea bags or premixes nor does it uses pre-prepared Tea liqueur or Tea to prepare Chai.  Moreover, MyT prepares each and every cup fresh and on-demand – just the way we do at home.

MyT is a great thing to have in the office pantry and our customers love our offerings.  Be it ginger tea or be it masala Chai, be it cardamom Chai, or be it plain Chai, be it strong Chai or be it a milky Chai, MyT can make it all just the way you want it.  With MyT in your Office pantry, employees stay productive and save time by not stepping outside of the Office for long tea breaks in groups.  MyT also eliminates the need to order expensive Chai from outside.

To experience MyT, request for a demo for your workplace:

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